Product Specifications



Polypropylene Random Co-Polymer (PP-R Type 3)



DIN 8077, DIN 8078, DIN 16962 Part 1 to 12, BS 4991, BS 6920 Part 2 & 3


To interface with other fittings, ALMATHERM PP-R threaded male or female with brass inserts complying with BS 6920 for use on drinking water. These fittings are injection moulded and threads are of BS parallel and available with nickel plating when required. All fittings shall be in accordance with the description in the prescribed standards.


Standards Applied in Production:

E-DIN 1988 Drinking water lines in premises.

DIN 8078 PP Pipes general quality requirements and testing.

DIN 8076 Pressure pipes consisting of Polyethylene metal clamping joint.

DIN 16928 Pipe connections and components layout.

DVS 2207 Welding regulations for plastic pipes.

DVS 223 Testing of welding connections of thermoplastic plastics.

DIN 16962 Pipe joints and components for pressure pipes of polypropylene.

DVS 2208 Machines and devices for welding of plastic pipes.

DIN 4109 Sound insulation in building construction. VOB Part C Installation work of gas, water & sewage.

DIN 18381 Lines within buildings.

DVGW W308 Regulations and requirements for fittings, pipes & drinking water installations.



Description & Dimension of Pipes:

Application:                  Hot & Cold Water

Description:                  PN20

Pressure Rating:           20 Bar 290 p.s.i.

Application:                  Cold Water

Description:                  PN10

Pressure Rating:           10 Bar 145 p.s.i.




All ALMATHERM pipes must be used in conjunction with ALMATHERM PP-R fittings and ALMATHERM PP-R fittings with brass inserts.



Thermal Conductivity:

The thermal conductivity of the pipes and fittings shall not exceed 0,24 W/mK at 20°C for water.




ALMATHERM PP-R Pipes & Fittings must be installed in accordance with the instructions given by the manufacturer’s recommendations and that as stated in:

DN 16928: Pipes of thermoplastics, pipe fittings, elements of pipes laying

DVS 2207, PART 11: Welding of thermoplastic materials, PP Pipes & Fittings

DVS 2208, PART 1: Machines and Equipment for welding PP



Pressure Test and Requirements:

Before commissioning of pipe works, procedures and requirements specified by relevant local water authorities must be adhered to. For Pressure Test DIN 1988 part 2 or BS 6700 is used.



Alternative Pipe Size Equivalents:



Pipe Sizing:


During the design stage, consideration for pipe sizes to be used is determined by the type of pipe used, flow rate required, pressure loss due to the piping system for both pipe and fitting. The following information will assist the engineer to optimise the usage of ALMATHERM system.

Product range:

The ALMATHERM pipe system is constantly being extended and updated to meet the requirements of the industry. Please refer to current ALMATHERM photo price list for complete product range.  


The abbreviated references, e.g.

PN20 or

Elbow 90°, simplify the administration.


Please refer to the ALMATHERM article numbers when you place your order.


On request and subject to minimum quantities and capacities we can supply special types of fittings.



Coefficient of Loss:


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