16NEW PE-Xc Pipes


Material: PE-Xc

Standard: EN ISO 15875, DIN 4726

Details: single-layer PE-Xc pipe without oxygen barrier used mainly in the drinking water installations.


Dimension Unit Large package Small package Weight
Catalog number D [mm] s [mm] I [mm]
12 x 1,8 m 200 foil 0,090 0,60 AA131012200 12 1,8 200
16 x 2,2 m 200 foil 0,090 0,60 AA131016200 16 2,2 200
20 x 2,8 m 200 foil 0,100 0,60 AA131020200 20 2,8 200
25 x 3,5 m 200 foil 0,100 0,60 AA131025200 25 3,5 200
32 x 4,4 m 200 foil 0,110 0,60 AA131032200 32 4,4 200
40 x 5,5 m 200 foil 0,110 0,60 AA131040200 40 5,5 200


Demands on the heating pipe:

The single-layer PE-Xc pipe without oxygen barrier is used primarily in the drinking water installation (in other countries also in heating)

The PE-Xc provides the following benefits:

* very good long-term resistance during the internal pressure test

* good thermal ageing stability, thus no damages caused by thermal ageing when used in ccordance with the regulations

* stress cracking resistance

* good resistance to chemical solvents, i.e. also resistant to heating water additives such as inhibitors

* installation at low temperatures possible without heat treatment

* laying with narrow bending radii

* corrosion resistance

* smooth pipe walls, i.e. minimal pressure loss and no incrustations

* good rapid crack propagation resistance and abrasion resistance

* impact resistance at low temperatures

The ALMATHERM electron beam cross-linked PE-Xc pipe has all these properties. The requirements set forth in EN ISO 15875 for PE-Xc pipes are met and even surpassed.


Classification of operating conditions according to EN ISO 15875-1:


Standard PE-Xc pipes:



Raw Material:

The basic material consists of high density polyethylene types of a high molecular weight supplied by renowned raw material producers. Special additives prevent thermal degradation and the influence of metal ions (e.g. of brass fittings).


Pipe Production:

The pipes are extruded in a pipe extrusion process on state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, which have been optimized for the processing of polyethylene of high molecular weight.



Crosslinking, i.e. the linking of the polyethylene molecules to a macromolecule with a spatial network is continuously done after extrusion by fast high-energy electrons on Europe's most modern and efficient electron accelerators. During this process no radioactive beams are emitted. Thus, the electron beam cross-linked pipe is no source of radiation!

Due to the crosslinking the known dropping of the internal pressure resistance - particularly when higher temperatures are concerned - is avoided. In addition, the pipe is insensitive to stress cracking and the influence of chemicals ensured by the corsslinking procedure.


Technical properties of the ALMATHERM PE-Xc pipes:



Quality assurance by internal control:

During production the PE-Xc pipe of ALMATHERM has to undergo strict controls according to the relevant product standards such as DIN 16892/16893 resp. DIN EN ISO 15875.

Among other investigations, the following tests are made:

* preprocessing control of the raw material charges

* dimensional continuity and accuracy of the pipes

* mechanical-technological tests according to standard, eg internal pressure test


Quality assurance by external control:

The most important characteristics are constantly tested within the scope of supervision contracts.


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