20) NEW PE-Xa Pipes


Material: PE-Xa

Standard: EN 1264-4

Details: single-layer PE-Xa pipe available with and without oxygen barrier used in the drinking water and heating installations.



We supply PEX-a pipes with or without EVOH oxygen barrier (3 and 5 layers) according to the European regulation EN 1264-4 by adding a ethyl-vinyl alcohol copolymer layer that prevents the permeability of the tube to oxygen diffusion, eliminating the problem of oxygen supply to the water flow and corrosion in the metal elements of the installation extending its lifetime.

Our Pex-A pipes achiev an average >70% of crosslinking degree during the manufacturing process (higher degree does not mean better product), our technology does not need further treatments and is the only process that guarantees an excellent crosslinking uniformity along the pipe (maximum difference of 0.5%) providing major traction and pressure resistance, better stability under extreme temperature conditions, more flexibility and chemical resistance to solvents, oils and water without incrustations, corrosion or aging.

Our PEX-a crosslinked polyethylene pipe is manufactured using the Organic Peroxide method, having as a result the highest quality PEX pipes on the market.



Easy Installation

No welding or mechanization required as the fittings system gives simplicity and optimizes the costs.


Higher flexibility than other PEX pipes. Can be easily bent and curved in cold without special tooling, saving unions and installation time.

Temperature resistance

Allowing temperatures up to 95°C and even 110°C for short periods.

Pressure resistance

The high crosslinking degree provides more than 50 years lifetime durability.

Resistant to corrosion

Suitable for corrosive fluids transportation.

Minimal pressure losses

Much lower roughness than metallic pipes reducing energetic consumption and allowing a higher flow with the same internal pipe diameter.

No deposits

Layers very resistant to calcium, dirt and substances derived from galvanic corrosion.


It weights 7 times less than copper and 13 times less than iron on equivalent diameters.

Excellent sanitary conditions

It does not modify the organoleptic characteristics of drinking water and the corrosion absence avoid proliferation of bacteria.

Thermal, Electrical and Noise Insulator

Providing energy savings by reducing heat losses.

Frost resistance

It prevents condensation, reducing the freezing process.

Suitable for seismic zones

Because of its elasticity can absorb higher stress than metal pipes.

Thermal memory

Recovering the original shape when hot air is applied allowing to be repaired.



* Plumbing installations

* Underfloor heating systems

* Radiator heating installations

* Air conditioning installations

* Industrial installations (compressed air system, transport of toxic or corrosive fluids …)

* Ice/snow melting systems for public buildings or particulars

* Livestock facilities